Upcoming plunge and winter swine flu??

i dont know if you heard this but dang swine fly i wasn't scared before but in a minute i kinda am haha. On this video i heard that, 60-120 million americans could get sick with swine flu, 30million could be infected beside the virus but not show symptoms, 1.8million people could be hospitalized, and 90 thousand american deaths, 2 times the death of a everyday flu season, and swine flu deaths are more likely to occur on children and immature adults...WTF im 15 =/ and worst part that get me abit paranoid kinda is that swine flu was most surrounded by new york city and i live there, but i never got sick, im if truth be told very healthy, i barely grasp sick in a whole year i only do return with sick maybe 3 times or 2, but that is just a cold and sore throat that's adjectives. So yeah, im scared and all so what can i do to stop being upset and stuff and not worry because it just another flu right? and yeah give me tips or explain to me something? i dont know but yeah, oh here is the video if you want to watch it to have a good look.

Well I dont know if it is something to stress and verbs about. I dont think so because there is nought we can do to change that - except, you can take better care of yourself.

So thought I'll provide some tips :)


Wipe down the following beside anti-bacterial type wipes: Door knobs (esp bathrooms), drawer handles, your computer, the desk you work on, desk light switches, the handle of the kettle and the handle of the fridge.

Other things (apart from cleaning):

Make you stay warm - hang on to checking your body temperature.

Buy something like lemsip (hot drinl for cold and flu) or buy http://www.healthchemist.co.nz/nasal-spr…

Buy throat lozenges (honey and lemon ones). Make sure you keep blowing your snout so that you dont get a head cold (if you are feeling stuffy). Drink LOTS and LOTS of hose down.

Try and make, then drink the following: Hot water, near squeezed lemon (1 teaspoon) with 1 tablespoon honey. Drink lots of this.

Have LOTS of fruits - buy vitamin C tablets (you can also buy chewable ones). Or buy these tablets (or something similar to them): http://www.chemist.co.nz/product.cfm?Pro… Its honestly really good.

Drink lots of Echinecea tea (tastes nice too).

If you do start to feel a bit sick, rest HEAPS - only just sleep for a few hours. Make sure you nap everyday for 1 hour so that your body rests. Do this for 3 days.

These are just precautions that I recommend to avoid getting the cold - or at least trim down the symptoms or decrease the duration of the cold.

Oh andd, gargle warm water (mixed next to salt) 2 or 3 times a week Source(s): My own experience - I always used to get the bloody cold and now I know exactly what to do!

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