Hey, I hold a red snout and cheeks, at hand not irritated.or sunburned. there's other close to this! i involve abet?

my cheeks are not all red..just that little area underneath my eyes and next to my nose. the red looks under the skin?

i be thinking about getting the new netruogena redness soother(greeen botttle..emma roberts surrounded by the commercail)

is tht not for me? it might not work..i might i have roseisha?
its possible you have roseisha, try the redness remover first, if tht doesn't work ask a dermatologist
hey it sounds like rosacea to me - u should go to your doctor and find out if thats what it is, but it sounds close to it is to me!
It does sound like rosacea. A doctor would be better suited to diagnose what it is though.

One article that will help is using sunscreen or a lotion that has sunscreen in it whenever you walk outside. Any sun will trigger the inflammation that casues the redness.

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