What might arise if i stop using acne products on my really discouraging acne?

For the past 4 months i have had really bleak acne.
And i have tried all kinds of over the counter meds but nought really worked.
What might happen if i stop using acne products for a while,
Will is breakout even more and worse?
Try revitol acnezine that is what ive be using now. http://www.revitolacnezinereviews.com
Acne is a threat. Nevertheless, it is not something that can’t be harnessed. There are loads of acne skin care merchandises around. We can sort acne skin nurture merchandises into 3 all-inclusive classes –
* Cautionary or universal acne skin care products
* Nonprescription, specialized acne skin care products
* On-prescription acne skin thinking products.

The all-purpose acne skin care products are the ones that are used as acne-prevention measure. These include cleansers, make-up removers and similar to products that assist forbid acne. In the existent sense, these acne skin care products are fair those that should anyway be part of your on a daily basis act. Nevertheless, some of these are more orientated to act like an acne skin thought product. These acne skin care products act against the causes of acne e.g. Bounding the production of sebum/oil and preventing clogging up of skin pores. Essentially, these acne skin diligence products prevent the oil from arresting entrapped in pores and hence hinder the growing of germs that lead to acne. The universal acne skin care products also include exfoliation products approaching skin peels. These work toward getting rid of dead skin cells, hence reducing the exit of pore-clogging and bacteria growth.

Then there are specialized acne skin care products that are available nonprescription i.e. short the need of a prescription. These include products like vanishing creams which extract the extra grease from the skin. Almost of these acne skin care products are based on benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, both of which are the enemy of bacteria (and therefore acne). You ought begin beside a product that has lower absorption of benzoyl peroxide (e.g. 5%) and see how your skin answers to it. Alpha-hydroxy-acid based moisturizers are also popular as acne skin strictness products. You could have to try a few, before you zero-in on the acne skin care product that is to say efficient for you. If nothing seems to work, you should contact a skin doctor.

On-prescription acne skin nurture products are the ones that are ordered by a skin doctor. This can include creams that can be enforced on the involved region or oral antibiotics or just any local treatment. Skin doctor could also advise a minor surgical operation to remove the contents of pustules. Nevertheless, never try to squeeze or do this by yourself, it can lead to long-term harm of your skin. Your doctor may also order a hormone-based treatment (since hormonal changes are also time-honoured to cause acne). Such acne skin care products are known to be especially good in some cases. So, with adjectives those acne skin care products, confronting acne is not that hard. Source(s): http://saldee.com/blog/2009/09/acne-and-…
From my experience, it more than likely will make it better, not worse, to stop adjectives the products. Most OTC acne products just irritate sensitive skin and make it break out more. I used to have horrible acne and used everything lower than the sun to get rid of it.

Now, I just wash beside Clean and Clear cleanser for sensitive skin, and my skin has never looked better.

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