"i enjoy pre-diabetes and my doctor say that nearby is medication out in that for it presently what is it call?

He probably means Metformin (Glucophage), that's usually given to pre-diabetics and to diabetics to comfort them control their blood sugars.
Pre diabetes - Medications
Most folks with prediabetes get better results by making lifestyle changes, such as losing solidity, eating a healthy diet, and getting regular exercise, than with diabetes tablets.6

But a doctor may prescribe a biguanide, usually metformin (Glucophage), because it can reduce how much glucose is made by the liver and lower insulin levels, especially in patients beside polycystic ovary syndrome. In some cases a doctor may prescribe thiazolidinediones (Actos or Avandia) to lower insulin resistance. One study (the DREAM trial investigation) shows that Avandia prevents type 2 diabetes as effectively as lifestyle change but can cause you to gain weight and/or retain fluid.18 Metformin is used much more frequently.

Ask your doctor whether diet and exercise are sufficient treatment or whether you should filch medicine to lower your insulin resistance

Now my recommendation is never , ever , never Take Actos or Avandia. Heres why !
The "glitazone" diabetes drugs Actos and Avandia may double or triple the risk of broken bones after a year or two of use.

The finding comes from Swiss researchers who analyzed 12 years of data on U.K. diabetes patients. They compared the 1,020 patients who suffered some loving of fracture to 3,728 matched patients who did not break any bones.

Over the course of the study, most of the patients took several diabetes drugs. But those who refilled their Actos or Avandia prescriptions eight times or more — about 12 to 18 months of use — had nearly twice the fracture risk of other patients.

And those who refill their Actos or Avandia prescriptions 15 times or more — two or more years of treatment — nearly tripled their risk of fracture, found Christophe R. Meier, PhD, head of pharmacoepidemiology research at University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, and colleagues.

PLUS may cause HEART problems.
Metformin is fine..

or Byetta.
A person with a normal blood sugar even should be very very careful of taking any type of blood sugar lowering medication because the glucose height may go dangerously low. Many people near "pre diabetes" simply need to lose weight and start exercising and reduce carb intake.
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