$1000 Per Day Fine And 30 Days In Jail For Refusing The Swine Flu Vaccine In Massachusetts?

A new law just passed surrounded by Massachusetts imposes fines of up to $1000 per day and up to a 30 day young offenders` institution sentence for not obeying authorities during a public health emergency. So if you are instructed to take the swine flu vaccine contained by Massachusetts and you refuse, you could be facing fines that will bankrupt you and a prison sentence on top of that.

Is this for physical or just another "death panel" type scare?

I haven't heard about this, but it doesn't surprise me either. I am a libertarian and constitutionalist; but surrounded by this I wonder if the government isn't in the right.

First, my skin crawls to say this, but it is worth the discussion. If it be in fact a true emergency, similar to a 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak (but with inflated numbers due to the larger population and mitigate of transportation), does it not make sense?

We are not talking about fifty-thousand to ninety-thousand unmoving, but tens-of-millions... This is a very scary, and extreme scenario; and it is prudent in this grip to make such a demand of the population. It can be likened to forcing someone to evacuate their home within advance of a hurricane or wildfire, no?

I am more worried about the government expanding this power to any sub-emergency level, then they truly are removing our rights; but in the case of an outbreak on such a generous scale, I'm not so sure they would be in the wrong.

I don't think it is real. Otherwise you wouldn't be allowed to choose whether or not your children would be vaccinated formerly starting school. There are a lot more serious infections that what the swine flu has done within the US, and if you can get a doctor to sign your waiver-the schools accept it.
1st I am audible range it... makes ya wonder just how far our government will dance. Those that believe in a conspiracy theory are probably thinking the government released this swine flu surrounded by the 1st place.
I am hoping this isn't real! This is ridiculous! The administration is taking away our freedoms every day! People in this country necessitate to start taking a stand for our rights, this is completely wrong!
If to be exact true is it mother *** bull ****. A part of living in america is having the right to choose what you want to put contained by your bodies. Who knows what they are really putting inside of the vaccine, if only the public knew what is going inside the other vaccines. This is fundamentally very bad. :(

I gotta get the **** out of the country until that time I have kids, I don't want to raise them here.

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