Does my doctors statement connote that I do or don't own HPV?

Last week I had a colposcopy done because the doctor said I had precancerous cells and hpv. Today, the results come back and she said everything looked normal. Does that mean I don't own HPV?
to tell the truth I have no idea! It make me think that it's a good sign but I'm not sure.

I think that you should christen your doctor and ask again :)
OK the doctor said you had pre cancer cells and HPV.

Everything looked normal only means you don't have cancer cells, ask your dr what type of hpv you hold.

There is a test down in the states that will pinpoint the exact strain of the HPV, there are over a 100 different kind.
Yes you have HPV. That means the guy or guys you're sleeping with also have it. The colposcopy removes the parts of the cervix with the HPV virus that causes cancer. But you can get it again.

Most nation will clear the HPV virus (non cancerous ones) within 3 weeks but it can even take years.

Same goes for the guy who's sticking his d*ck contained by you. Don't let him without a condom, because he will give you posterior your HPV
i would think so

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