Headaches a sign of low iron? Pls help out.?

I'm severely anemic. Seriously. I've been diagnosed with severe anemia in January after I have a siezure. I just went back to work finishing month from being on medical leave. I've had over 5 blood transfusions surrounded by that short time.(I became anemic due to my menstraul cycles).

I know this is bad but I haven't taken my iron pills(I'm supposed to take 3 times a day) the correct road since last month. When I do take them now I whip them with no food, or once a day. I have to force myself to eat(I've be like this since becoming anemic). Lately I've been having super headache, I'm cold a lot, and I have to force myself to eat.

Is it because of my iron? If so how can I generate myself eat. My friends and family usually have to force me too. No, I'm not anorexic or anything any. I'm REALLY bad with taking meds too. Not only am I anemic but I most potential have a type of cancer that they're still trying to figure out.
It might be a reason. As low iron grounds low oxygen level in your blood and high blood pressure. You hold to see your medic as soon as possible.

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