****can you donate blood if you hold sickle cell trait****?

Question: I have Sickle Cell Trait, Can I donate blood?

Answer: For nearly all purposes, blood with sickle trait is OK. Our Red Cross surrounded by Atlanta, for example, assumes that many of the blood units collected are from donors with sickle trait. The Blood Bank just tests for sickle trait upon requested by the doctors ordering the blood for transfusion. There
are uncommon situations where on earth the presence of any sickle hemoglobin might cause problems (such as extensive transfusions for a patient with sickle cell disease, making it tough to test how much of the blood is the patient's own and how much is transfused blood). Source(s): http://www.google.co.in/#hl=en&q=sickle+…
In UK the National Blood Service screens donors for sickle cell.
You will certainly be eligible to donate, and your blood will be deeply valuable to us.

It appears the same is true in the US of A.
http://www.scinfo.org/faqtrait.htm Source(s): http://www.blood.co.uk/visually_impaired…

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