How can I aid my asthmatic boyfriend near croup-like symptoms?

My boyfriend is visiting me from England in Japan at the moment, and has be showing symptoms of croup, despite being asthmatic already; most notably the sudden asthmatic symptoms like tightening windpipes, coughing, wheezing, have to whisper to talk etc., I first thought it may be the sudden heat and humidity within a country like Japan during the summer, but last night and tonight he have had those symptoms despite being in the house, contained by addition to very frequently while we are out during the day. I take in croup is common in small children and am a bit confused.. can someone give me suggestions of what it is and how I could assist him? He does not feel it heavy enough to move about to the doctor's, but anything short of this, how can I help him?
You need to go the the ER bc this is a impressively serious sign of an ASTHMA attack and probably needs a neb treatment and steroids.My son has asthma and you shouldn't play around with this.
I know that a child next to the croup gets put in a tent with moisture piped within . maybe you could arrange a piece of plastic over his head and also have it over a steaming totally careful to keep the plastic away from the stove burner. does he have the inhalers usually given to folks near asthma? when you can get him to agree that it is bad enough, bring back him to a doctor. Source(s): R.N.

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