The Mantoux testing or PPD assessment?

Hi. I had that tuberculosis test 2-3 hours ago and i noticed that the bubble is gone. I am sure that i didn't touch it at adjectives, not even with clothes. I had that test since when i was in 7th grade (im 18 now) and i don't remember it disappearing. Can anyone give an account me is it normal and what does it mean?
that is average and it doesnt mean anything. usually the bump goes away as the injection is absorbed into the body. unconscious and normal.

results from a ppd arent good until 48 hrs has previous. then your ppd can be read by the nurse. chances are, everything is fine.
perfectly majority, no worries unless it becomes hard and endurated, but a dr or nurse will be reading the results and let you know if it is a positive theory test or not Source(s): medical professional

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