Is it possible to not be allergic to chlorine for some years and consequently be allergic to it?

ok so lets say you were not allergic to chlorine but is it possible that soon u go into the pool and it turns out ur allergic even though u wr not allergic previous years ago
You can develop allergies at any time. Repeated exposure to a substance can bring on an allergy, and then further exposure can sometimes make it worse.

What can also come up in this case, chlorine, is that too much was put within, causing a chemical reaction rather than an allergic one. Source(s): I'm a paramedic.
I don't know in the region of chlorine, but I know that you can develop allergies to bee stings and even lactose intolerance, so I guess anything is possible. I don't know anyone allergic to chlorine and I don't know if you even can be.

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