Does anyone enjoy primary biliary cirrhosis?

My mom has it and I will be getting checked soon to see if I do as well. With my mom's, her itching is extremely severe. She is up most of the night itching and during the time she itches so much its hard to be in public because she is constantly scratching her skin embark on and bleeding. and sometimes she doesn't even know about the bleeding. Basically I am trying to see what other people do to control the itching, if anyone has found anything that help? Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions?
Yes, I have primary biliary disease just approaching your mom. I did have end stage cirrhosis but received a transplant 3 years ago and am doing fine now.

I be one of the fortunate ones in that I did not itch, but I have talked to copious others that do. I know it can almost drive a person crazy sometimes. Your mom has probably tried just nearly everything to stop it without success. I know this will sound silly, but I hold heard a number of people articulate that rubbing lard on you can help. I'm talking around the white Crisco lard that comes in a can for cooking. Some people enunciate it works when nothing else would work. Even though it may be silly, it won't hurt to try it other than making your mom quite slippery and slippery.

Someone suggested Ursodiol which is a med your mom might already take. It does not stop itching. It is a med used by people with biliary disease since it thins out the bile which can backing with bile flow problems. I still take it even after my transplant since I have a small bile duct blockage. It works great at keeping my liver function numbers mundane. Without it, they will elevate quite a lot. It has profusely of benefits, but stopping that itch is not one of them.

You might want to ask this question at liver groups on the internet since they are usually going through the same stuff as your mom. They might be able to relieve you more and give some better suggestions. Dephi Forums has a good group that other helped me a lot with anything relating to my liver problems. I really hope she finds something to oblige her ASAP since I'm sure she is quite miserable with this terrible itching. Source(s): Had primary biliary cirrhosis and a liver transplant.
This disease of the liver is fundamentally difficult indeed, not only to have but to treat too. PBC symptoms of itching, fatigue, and discomfort in the upper right quadrant of the belly are common. Has your mom tried ursodiol for the constant itching this causes? This is one drug that she should try. I'm concerned that her constant scratching that you mention cause her to bleed sometimes without knowing will cause one of two things or both. Secondary infection because of all the germs found under the fingernails and someone else being contaminated by her blood. There are also creams that can be tried too, but all inevitability a doctor to order them. I really find it surprising that these things haven't yet been tried. I hope your carrying out tests goes no further then the blood work to see if your AMA is elevated will be enough to rule you out. If this is fine they really don't requirement to do any invasive things like a biopsy. The GI doctor might want an ultrasound but this is nothing to go through. There is more info available at Just enter this into the search out area and the links will come up. Try to start with the overview and then budge right through the info they have. Good luck and God Bless Source(s): nursing and personal experience
I don't have PBC but I do have Hepatitis C and no option to go through the treatment, so my liver is going through the stages now.

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