Swine Flu crazyness! Your assessment!?

I heard that swine flu might kill up to 90,000 people this fall down and winter. But they also said there's a chance it could wipe out half the population. But I'm not getting it. A full bunch of people say it's not true and a whole bunch vote it is.

I guess we can only see what happens?
doctors on tv seem to think its not that discouraging. yet, regular news seems to clear it sound worse. the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. wash your hand alot and stay healthy through diet.
the truth, is like what you said, we'll have to hang around. its good people are using the hand sanitizers and are aware of it. i'm other after my daughter about it.
i'm in florida, and this is what i am seeing on tv.
Well, the regular flu that we get every fall and winter kill more people then the swine flu so don't worry roughly that... it just seems like a impressively large number but in reality it's nil compared to the regular flu. As for becoming something that wipes out half the population? Anything's possible. BUT, in the 70's or 60's (can't remember) here was an outbreak of the swine flu too. It killed one or two people and go away. It's something that comes and goes. And a lot of the media hype is using this story because they're tired of chitchat about the economy... just wipe your hands and all that good stuff and you should be fine. Just relax. Source(s): As for immunization like the person said below me, the last time at hand were immunizations for the swine flu people any got so sick from it they died or they were paralyzed from the immunizations and sued. Here is the article more or less the last outbreak of the swine flu http://www.capitalcentury.com/1976.html
Predicting the future really isn't anybody's strong point, when you come down to it. The certainty is, flu is serious enough and it regularly kills thousands of people every year. This book of the flu isn't a lot different, except a larger portion of the world population has very few immunity to it. Since most of the population also doesn't have access to good medical care, doesn't own basic sanitation, good nutrition, or even the education to know what's going on- a disease similar to the H1N1 virus can become a devastating epidemic. How many of the people actually die from it is something nobody can really predict near any accuracy. It's not particularly worrisome that a large number of culture will catch it, but that a large number may die due to the complications. I seriously doubt it will wipe out partly the population, but it certainly has the potential to make a great number particularly ill. I don't think it's going to be in like peas in a pod category as the Plague or Ebola, but that's still no reason to take it lightly. Either opening, if the push to get folks immunized works, we won't have to find out. Then folks will complain that it wasn't as discouraging as they feared. Source(s): nurse

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