My friend have cancer obligation guidance?

my friend just found out today that she has cancer of the bones, she is scared as to be aspected, i dont know what to do i am crestfallen in two ways 1 of course that she has cancer and 2 because i told her i longing she would die like a week before
Just be there for her I as well have cancer and it is hel* hold her check out this website
Of course she is frightened, bone cancer (aka Osteogenic Sarcoma.) is one of the more sore and nastier forms of cancer. It is treatable and in some cases long term remission has occur.
BTW honey, I'd apologize to your friend, if I was you. The crow feathers might taste gross, but it is a lot better than abandon your friend. Source(s): Cancer survivor of nine years.
ive had bone cancer 2 ( osteogenic sarcoma) times. near both primary ttumers not secondary,,,,. im the 2nd person in the world to enjoy that happen to and first in the united states. most times family get secondary tumors bone cancer usualy spreads to the lungs. WATCH OUT FOR THIS CHEMO CALLED VP16.... it gave a friend of mine who have yewings sarcoma they gave her 2 much and she got leukemia from it.. and i also had eye cancer once,
im 17 years infirm 3time cancer survivor.
you need 2 have a positive attitude. take ur tablets and deal with the pain. i know how tough it is trust me, but i know theres someone out in that who is in alot more pain than i am, even tho i was suffering.
We all utter things that we don't mean and never really expect it to happen. You should not feel guilty give or take a few saying that, but then again you should think just about what you say before you say it.

Now you can be an angel to your friend, if she requests a ride to the hospital offer to take her. Make a meal for her, or hold out to do some housework.

There will be times she will cry a lot, offer to listen to her.
I'm really sorry to hear about your friend, being diagnosed with cancer is a chilling experience. Especially in the beginning, once you get through individual diagnosed and get started with treatment you kind of receive into a routine and it gets easier. For me the one thing that helped me verbs through treatment was having friends and family that be supportive for me. Forget what you said to her before, we all say things from time to time that we don't mingy. Apologize, and then show her how much you really do care. You could help her beside housework, cook some meals for her, bring her funny movies to watch, whatever make her happy.

I don't know how old your friend is but there are some great resources out within for young adults (19-39) with cancer you both should check out - they have profoundly of tips and support for friends/family/caregivers too. Source(s): Cancer Survivor

Young Adult Cancer Resources:
both sites link to a ton of other resources as well, but they're great starting points.
Leave your friend alone. If you told her you wish she would die then stay away from her. You are not a doctor or even a whitch doctor so you cannot will death upon someone. If you did then go to Church as soon as possible and try to amass your soul. Source(s): My Mind
Well i have have a best friends who's mom had bone cancer it is a very scary cancer and is bleeding you should be there for her at all times comfort her and let her know you are her friend and that you wil assistance her and im shure you really didn't even mean what you said. if you have any ? ill be jubilant to answer or talk

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