What should i do just about my blister, pop it or move out it, read details..?

okay, so I work on a farm, so im on my feet a lot. I hold to work tomorrow, and im not sure if i should let the blister stay as it is, or drain it and cover it with a bandaid. I don't want it to pop while im working, it'd get full of dirt and sweat, and would probably hurt. It doesnt hurt when i stroll, since its on the side of my heel, about 2" under my ankle. im afraid it'll pop though. so what should I do, drain it or leave it?
Poke it next to a sterilized needle, let it drain and leave it uncovered tonight. Bandage the nouns tomorrow to keep it free from dirt and sweat, but be sure to clean and dry the area accurate tomorrow evening and leave it uncovered for tomorrow evening too. Don't removed the dead skin covering the blister; it will serve to protect the raw skin underneath. :0)
Ist going to pop at some stage anyway. If you steralise a hypodermic and drain it then cover with dressing it should be ok

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