10 pts best answer..... i discern sick?

i was fine all day and after i had yummy tacos for dinner and then i had a sharp strain in my stomach, which i found out was a gassy pain, next i felt the need to go to the bathroom, and i have watery acid-like diahrea. whats wrong?
You could newly be having a bad reaction to the food. The Tacos could hold dehydrated you a bit causing the diarrhea. Try taking some pepto bismol or lay down a bit and it should pass soon.
something probably in recent times didn't agree with ur tummy. im sorry it didn't. i have acid reflux dezes which my my tummy hurt. but if it ever happen again take some pepto bismo and after ur poop put on some A&D its like a baby get when they have a rash. whenever i get diahrea i puts sum within my errm well glooteus maximus....anyway it really helps! hope this helps. Source(s): its happend to me too
Spicy foods sometimes cause diarrhea. I assume it was spicy since you have a taco. That happens to a lot of people who munch through spicy foods, and since you said your diarrhea was acid-like, it's probably because of what you had in the taco!
swine flu

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