Are my stretch results treatable(pictures)?

i know stretch marks never go away.but do you think tht they'll fade to barly noticible, if i efoiliate everyday, use bio grease and coca butter three times a day, AND lose weight and tan?lol as you can relate im desperate.
i'll give best answer 10 points!:) thanks
i know im fat,thts why im goin to the gym
To find rid of them try Palmers Organic coco butter

What you're doing is fine. Going to the gym is good, but you don't need to lose bulk. It won't help your stretch marks, and you're slim NOT fat.
i can't see the stretch results that well from the pictures, but what you are doing is really the only thing to *help* fall the stretch marks. Over time, they may start to fade. but unfortunately the is no mircle cure to get ride of them.

Best of luck Source(s): Edit: Don't believe these "mircle cures" folks post about, i have scaring on my body from other grounds. my doctor said there is really not much i could do about mine, if you a really worried about it see your local GP. they will know more after anyone on Y!A. - they spent years studying thats why they have the dipoma :)

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