can any one tell me what is herpes? b`cos i m totally ignorant abt that
google it man and look at the pictures, its bad stuff
Herpes is a virus passed by genital or oral contact that cause painful blisters on the affected area, and you will enjoy it forever if you get it. It's the same virus that causes cold sores or chicken pox - much one and the same symptoms as those diseases but in a different area.
its approaching pimples on your pp.
It is a virus infection which can give very stinging red spots on your genitalia. Once you have Herpes the virus is with you for life and the sore spots will reappear now and than. Ten percent of all adults in the USA enjoy them. Use a condom please.
Why don't you look it up? Herpes is a virus that lives in the skin of an infected being. There are two kinds. HSV-1 and HSV-2. HSV-1 is possessed by most of the population and in most cases goes unnoticed or lone causes cold sores. In rare cases like surrounded by people with low immune systems the virus can make an appearance on any section of the body in the form of sores or bumps. Though it's favorite place is the mouth.
If a girl/guy has an HSV-1 breakout and she kisses you or gives you oral she can surpass it to you. Though you probably already have it like about 90% percent of the population.
Then within is the dreaded HSV-2. This usually results in outbreaks of sores around the genitalia. They are usually painful and the first outbreak will most likely subside within a week or three. After that it's unpredictable. Some people never get another outbreak while others can get them consistently week after week. There are medicine to suppress it that work for most people.There is no cure for herpes. Although there is a stigma attached to herpes it is one of the less bad for you STDs and many find it doesn't stop them from having relationships with non infected individuals.
Herpes infects the skin cells, and is NOT IN BLOOD. It can be spread through oral, intercourse, and anal. Doctors will tell you different, but it is VERY hard to spread any type unless there is and outbreak. Though just, because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not within. If a girl/guy has HSV-2 and she also has a cold sore she can give you HSV-1 or HSV-2 of late by kissing you.
If you find out you have an STD it is the responsible and right thing to be honest with citizens to prevent the further spread of the disease.
If you see something that looks like a flat, moist (pus) sore on a girls vagina or anus (it could also be a moist bump) run for the hills. It's not a razor burn. Especially if it's a group of sores, because herpes usually breaks out contained by little groups clustered together. Oh, and be a gentleman and tell the chick she needs to achieve tested ASAP.
ALWAYS USE A JIMMYHAT AKA condom! Hope this helped, because I'm tired now. next time use google.
Herpes is a type of STD, or in other words a viral disease, theres two types, Oral Herpes and Genital Herpes, you usually get it when having intercourse beside person who you don't know has herpes.
some type of STD's
gosh u should know that cuz u asked it in the STD section :S
its a wart but a different strain of the virus from the kind you carry on the rest of your body this kind can be around your genitals and anus anyway since its a virus there is no cure and it'll stay in your body forever and a outbreak can occur at anytime, sometimes people call coldsores herpes i like to i meditate its hilarious ewwww hahah
google it man and look at the pictures, its bad stuff..
A sexually transmitted disease, usually showing signs of genital(privates) warts. It's not AIDs, so it's not a markedly serious STD, but it is bad.
Rather than re-hash some of the other answers, I'll just point you to a link that I think explains oral and genital herpes and the differences, as powerfully as several other things you should know. Source(s): http://www.smart2ask.org/popups/Herpes.h…

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