"And very soon Iam HIV/AIDS positive" she said,?

I never had a sex,huge,pierce myself with a sharp objects,or stay close with others,i hope i would be undisruptive.I only went to pass urine contained by someone's bathing room who is already positive,I felt sick and the doctor said she has infected you if you came surrounded by immedietely after her before five minutes and sit exactly at the same place.now i'm positive,is that correct as he stated?
No, you are fine.

Do you have open sores on the nouns touching the exact area she sat?

If you have begin sores, then I might be worried, otherwise, NOT
it take the exchange of body fluids to get infected. ive never heard of getting infected from using the same bathroom as someone who is positive tho. so u hold no tattoos? unprotected sex? shared a needle with anyone? come in contact next to other people body fluids? what does your positive friend say? have you be to see her doctor? i would say some words of encouragement but im shocked for you.
lmfao no you don't lock in HIV/AIDS from sitting in the same place as someone who is positive. Your Doctor ain't much of a doctor by the looks of it. It's only passed by blood nouns.

Unless both of you had sores or open cuts on your rear ends and both sit on the seat and the blood wiped on it then at hand is possibility. But how would you know? Ask them to pull their pants down to see if they had any sores on their tush?
errr.... NO!

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