..I own cancer?

I have leukimia, and i'm 14 years old. She said we caught this early, and its solely a mild type. It's a shock. How did you react when you found this out? I'm just in shock. I haven't cried, all the same, but I just feel like sitting within my room all day.
awwww. Cancer is a horrible disease. Just be glowing its a mild case. Idk what i would do....i would freak out probably and cry nonstop but that doesn't help anything.

God bless adjectives Cancer patients <33
darling, I am sorry. =/ This is the best time to find god in your life, and ask him for backing. I am only 15. And you have to be really strong to be dealing with that how you are, I would be bawling. But consequently i am a big baby. =)
I hope you make it through this. =) I have a friend who is on her 3rd year near out leukimia cancer cells.

If you need a internet friend ill be here. =)
I am so sorry to read this. My heart goes out to you.

It's correct to know it's a mild type and they caught it early. When my doctor told me I had cancer, he said "We'll fix it and you'll get through this". I believed him and I kept believing what he said adjectives through my treatments. (I'm healthy now.) It sounds like you're getting indistinguishable kind of news - that you'll be alright. Believe you will and keep thinking as positively as you can through this. It really will minister to you.

After I learned I had cancer, there plainly was a period of shock. Nobody expects this to happen to them, and especially at your age. Eventually, melancholy hit me and I had to cry and experience all of the emotions for a while. After the sorrow, everything felt better.

Cancer is a terrible disease but you can be the light in it. It can't destroy your spirit, and you will become stronger with each experience you hold along the way.

I really wish nothing but the best for you. Take great safekeeping.
aw that really is too doomed to failure.
I am sorry : (
I am 15 years old and i have cancer, i actually have my first chemo session yesterday.
If you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me. Source(s): Kathleen R
hey girl i'm so sorry to hear that! i would be freaking out right presently, but it sounds like you are a strong, brave girl. you are going to make it through this, i have beyond a shadow of a doubt. just stay positive and be sure and keep your friends close by, they and your family will relief you get through this difficult time. you may want to look online at some of the forums for teens with cancer. that way you could stumble upon new people who are going through the same things that you are.
stay strong! i'll be praying for you. Source(s): <3

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