How can I seize rid of pimples smaller amount than 2 or 3 days?

School is coming on Monday and I have big pimples around my nose, chin area and little bit on my forehead. I dont know what I can do. I use Proactiv but they nick kind of long to get rid. Help! Thanks.
pop them and wash as soon as posible to return with rid of the oils in there and not spread them
if you really wanna get rid of them ASAP then only drink dampen and eat green apples and wash you face impressively well dont touch your face and keep your pillow verbs try to to exercise and sweat alot let the sun shine on your face and i guarantee you results ! Source(s): i know a guy who know's a guy who did it
okay listen carefully try to steam you frontage with steaming water for like 30 second do it 3 times then wash your face beside your best cleanser then using a cotton swab dip it in homemade lemone juice and put it on ur pimple and within 1 min the swelling will go off the use a skin success acne treatment 24 hours and it does its employment in one day and the next time your pimples will not be swollenand they will be very tiny and if you wear makeup do everything that i wrote again and the put on a moisturizing cream then apply you makeup
and you will look gorgeous!
this worked for me in basically 1 or 2 days!

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