Prevention of wart!?

i was introduced to someone yesterday, they shook my hand to be polite but after that, i realized that they have warts on their hand :O i know they were lately trying to be polite but i don't want a wart =|

is there anything i can do to try prevent them!?
all you needed to do was to clean up your hands immediately after hand shake! but anyway - i conjecture you are fine and dont wory! :) Source(s):
haha, don't play with frogs jk, stay away form chocolate and anything beside gelatin ex, Jello, and nuts because they have an amino acid that if not on the brink with another they can cause wart breakouts. Or you can eat those things and filch the amino acid called Tyrosine and that will keep they body within balance and no worrie wort ;)
just cause you touched a wart on someone doesn't guarantee that you'll win one, too. warts are passed from person to person by CLOSE physical contact or from a surface that the character touches regularly, enough to leave the contaminating virus unless u rubbed and stroked hand for 2 minutes, u wont get a wart.
to prevent it u could wash your hands regularly next to soap, and cover small cuts, bruises or wounds.the virus that causes them will have an easier entry otherwise.

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