Why is my skin soooo street lamp?

i am the lightest person in my class and have a couple of street lamp freckles on my face and my skin is creamy but it is pure white everybody i have spoke to thinks im not very well cause im so light all my teacher ask me if i feel ok all the time why is this :(
well, i can't really say why. check the genus of cream u are using, it may not fit your skin. Or maybe it's hereditary. as long as u aren't having any skin problems, u shouldn't bother so much. Just manufacture sure u use the right body cream
It is probably genetic and nothing to verbs about unless you really do feel horrible or icky. If you are thin and return with sick a lot I would go to a doctor.

You could go out and go and get some sun, but I reckon you'll get a face full of freckles if you do that. Next time you make a doctor's call in ask him about it.

stop being a basement dweller and get sunlight
its just our genetic .. thats just your natural skin .. if you're bothered by it you can find johnsons holiday skin for 99p from any drugstore its just like a moisturizer .. it will give you a gradual sunburn :)
Do you feel righteous? If you do then look at your parents/grandparents...If one of them has the same colouring after that could be an answer. Are you Caucasian? Even Caucasians have different hues in their skin colour range. But if you don't have a feeling good, then see a health attention to detail professional..
Make sure you are eating well, too. This seems to be an issue near young folks.
If there is nothing wrong, don't compensate attention to people who want to make you think that near is something wrong with you. We are all unique! Your skin colour is member of your uniqueness!
And for goodness sakes don't go scorch in the sun or in a tanning booth, that can wreak havoc later. Use a angelic sunscreen, too because you probably burn faster than anyone else (I have dark skin and I wear a sunscreen - Neutrogena SPF85, I don't mess around!).

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