Doubt in relation to H1N1?

All of sudden from today morning, my throat infection. I have difficulty in swallowing food, have mild headache, i enjoy vomiting feeling. This apart i feel slightly difficult to breath. I don't have frenzy etc. Is it symptom of H1N1. I am located in Bangalore, India
I don't think its h1n1. You a moment ago have to consult your doctor. h1n1 manifest more in flu-like symptoms.
Sounds similar to H1N1 phobia has spread panic in adjectives.. I would like to ask a simple question!
How did you diagnose that you have throat 'infection'? That too in a few hours of waking up? not even seen by a Doctor, no swab culture or lab tests done too..So it is a self diagnosis by a entity who had similar problem back also, for which a doctor consultation done and the diagnosis written was ..gitis.(=throat infection).

As an experienced Doctor, I can articulate you need not panic at all.
The symptoms are not suggestive of "swine flue" too.You want not take any antibiotics at present. Contrary to the existing belief that hot saline water gargles are informative, the opposite is the truth as far I have come across. People unnecessarily, resort to saline (salt)water gargles, at the birth of a simple 'sore throat'.See the soreness in the throat can be due to having taken hot drinks the previous night, a jar, cold ice-cream, excessive smoking etc.The mucosa layer of the shiny throat is broken is the reason for soreness. Saltwater is a good surrounding substance for growth of certain bacteria. So you will get the condition discouraging by 2nd day, badder by 3rd day &worse with hallucination by 4th day, due to super added bacterial infection. The simplest thing is to avoid excess coughing, as sore throat irritates, take soothing syrups and avoid hot spicy foods for 2 to 3 days. Taking chewable Vitamin C tablets resembling Suckcee 500 mg twice a day will be more effective than any other methods. so also avoid exposure to catch a cold, near running nose,sneezing etc.,Hence take rest, no medicines as such except chewable Vitamin C will do. very soon. Do not take Tamoxifen at all, which has already become non responsive to H1N1 cases. ., This is an antiviral drug, has More side effects than antibiotics. You can test for the swine flu, only if you hold recently came into contact with others have it, even in neighborhood,or returned from an infected place abroad.Rest assured once the fear complex/phobia is controlled. Source(s): =experienced Doctor for over 28 yrsin practice=self.
Everythign you've mentioned COULD be from this "novel" flu strain. Nausea/diarrhea are more common with this flu virus than the typical flu virus. The flu doesn't cause difficulty swallowing, however, a sore throat from the flu can cause that difficulty, because it hurts.

It doesn't matter where on earth you're located, this mild flu virus is worldwide. Perhaps started in mexico, most prevelant in the USA, but worldwide.

go to your doctor, find tested for the flur, and if you have it, fill the scrip for tamiflu, this virus responds great to the already established antivirals out there for the regular flu.
better to take treatment immediately, it may not be H1N1, but still a matter of concern
Don't verbs much as this will cause you more head ache.. Please consult a doctor right away as this is may be due to sea infection or climatic change.. Take some prescribed medicine and you will be fine ina day or two.
cool dude.
go to doctor without hesitation and have checkup.
he will tell u properly.

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