What's the best road to prevent getting STD's?

aside from abstinence.
Although I agree near religious conservatives who want to challenge the youth to delay sexual activity for a while, I totally disagree beside their message that a condom is a provision for sin. I send my Christian friends to the website below which debunks the whole item against premarital sex in the Bible. That way they have no excuse not to support comprehensive sex training. Source(s): http://www.NotAnotherGeneration.com
double-bag it! *LOL*

Seriously though, keep condoms with you at adjectives times. If you go down on a chick, use dental dams unless you're completely sure what her health and her "mileage" is. If she's be with a guy whose crossed swords with another dude, that increases her chances of getting some category of infection. It's no revelation, partners/potential partners LIE to get laid...so perhaps the best precaution you can transport isn't available at your local (or ANY) pharmacy, it lies in knowing the facts, knowing the risks...particularly with that partner...but adjectives that technicality "ruins the mood" and melts b0ners, so unsurprisingly it's not often implemented....but what ppl habitually fail to consider is what a "mood spoiler" WARTS could potentially be *lol* Or crabs? Or some other form of contagious crotch funk? Foolish mortals....always focused on the immediate *rolls eyes*
Abstinence is the best way.

However, if you have to own sex then a good quality and sturdy condom is the subsequent best thing.

Never "do it" without protection.
-make SURE the person is TESTED before having sex have them say they dont have an std is not enough because they might not be aware of it.
- umm cause sure during oral, that the person doesnt have open sores or wounds or cold sores ect
-get tested for stds regulary
-be not dangerous not sorry never have sex with someone u only just met youll probably end up sorry lol
luv ali!
aside from abstinence the first thing you can do is to edify yourself

after that you should use condoms for sex and oral sex or dental dams for performing oral sex on women

Do some reading at http://cdc.gov/std/ Source(s): Registered Nurse
Keep Condoms with you At ALL times. and fashion sure to ALWAYS use them

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