Can you acquire AIDS from a mosquito?

Can you like if a mosquito bit you after they bit someone who was infected?
as of now, the quantifiable community say that you can not get AIDS from bugs (mosquito's) you should not be worried :)
No, mosquito bites do not transmit it.

HIV lives for only a jiffy inside an insect like mosquito. Even if it gets there, it can't reproduce contained by the body of mosquito.
So, mosquito can't transmit the disease to another person as it is not infected.

Hope it helps you.…
No. It seems like such a thing would be feasible, but it isn't. Source(s): LPN
the fda will say no-the strength and human service will say less than 2 minute after a bite to bite u have a fate because the blood goes in u then sucked final out
About 9000 are effected by AIDS from blood transfusion, but it's a blood TRANSFUSION. It's hopeless seeing as secretion causes a lot of bodily fluids to come out. And seeing as the risks are 80% from body intercourse. No you can't. Source(s):…
Noper, AIDS doesn't live in mosquitos.

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