What should i do/eat when my cholesterol plane is 5.60?

i also have a fatty liver.
I suggest the health juice MonaVie Pulse which is made primarily of acai berry of the Amazon.

MonaVie Pulse help maintain existing healthy cholesterol levels. The liquid delivers added heart health benefits derived from plant sterols* (which studies suggest play a key factor within lowering cholesterol), resveratrol, and omega 3 fatty acids. Scientifically formulated with your heart in mind, this delicious formula offer key nutritional support to those watching their cholesterol.

- Boasts heart healthy levels of plant sterols to assist maintain existing healthy cholesterol levels.
- Features resveratrol, which supports your cardiovascular system by helping protect in shape blood vessels.
- Delivers powerful antioxidant polyphenols to promote a healthy cardiovascular system.

For more information on the product contact acarrasco13(a)cox.net, MonaVie Distributor Source(s): www.monavie.com
Go final and check your numeric cholesterol level again. I am not aware of it being a decimal number. Maybe you accidentally put a decimal in it? If your cholesterol plane is high ( I am assuming your LDL- low density lipoprotein- the bad one- is high), you need to stay away from fried, fatty foods and anything on the product sign that contains "partially hydrogenated" or "saturated" fats. A good butter type of spread to use is Smart Balance beside Omega 3. You can find it with the other butter and margarine products. It tastes pretty good too.Have you checked to see what your just right body weight is in relation to your height? If you are over your IBW, you obligation to do some type of exercise at least 3 days a week but check with your doctor about what type of exercise would be virtuous to do especially if you have other health problems. A high LDL cholesterol meaning puts you at risk for developing CAD (coronary artery) or heart disease and heart attacks.

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