Why can't we label HAPPINESS a disease to spread out to the WORLD? What do you conjecture?

It IS a contagious disease. The problem is that too oodles people take the vaccines for it (greed and selfishness).
In a perfect world everything sounds right and actually works but since we live in a reality world, not everything is as confident as it appears or should be, my friend Source(s): Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Pyschology
Artoro ! Disease is " BAD " , yes, its a bad thing.

But i do understand what you are trying to suggest. The entity is
we do have a lot of good going on.... it is lately not exaggerated as much as the bad is in the world.

If you want people to be thankful mostly take away a lot of their worry !
Can we adjectives achieve that ?? How about the whole centre of population get together and pay the bills for their neighbour whom is having financial difficulties ? How in the region of we buy a car for the young fellow down the road because his mum is alone and does not have satisfactory money ?.

How about we give our kidney , eye , and so on the the poor chap
contained by hospital who needs it ?

Whats wrong with giving free groceries for a poor family for a month
till they gain up on their feet ?

Too Easy Artoro.I don't see the big rush .... I know of people here in Australia who be so down and out when their business was embezzled... You know what the 'Giant Christian charities offered them weekly ? Breakfast cereals packages the disgusting ones and
wheat and more wheat .....and things surrounded by cans that you or no one would touch ! " Don't ask me where the rest of the food charities are supposed to share amongst the down trodden ... probably the volunteers have a good time sharing them amongst themselves!
And this was a family next to many children really struggling for the first time in their life, vanished with nothing !

I am sorry ! But that is the trueness of the WORLD... in which we live in.
disease = bad, and so, impossible.

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