Is this anxiety or do i own a serious heart issue!?

well ive been dealing with these problems since im be 19 ive had about 50 ekgs and 5 echos and 5 stress test my full life ...always neg ...this time i feel its different my first episode be a week ago went to the er i was realeased went to the er again on monday blood work d dimer trace blood 2 ekgs heart monitor the works neg but the female dr. said get a work up just incase i see a cardio dude on monday but i woke up today feeling short of breath next to a heavy chest then ive had 4 episodes of race heart beat im scared to leave the house my mom say im crazy and she wont take me back to er im 36 monday and i dont want to check out!! im confused cholesterol is total 125 my chest x ray be clean no enlarged heart pcp laughed at me and said go to the cardio dr but its surrounded by your head....i was a drinker but have stopped and i quit cigs just about a week ago ....i used to walk from 168street in manhattan to 34th and lex like it be nothing just a month ago!!im 6'2' 172 no overweight im slim can they be wrong all 3 docs or am i loosing it can anxiety be that strong how its not close to jason from friday the 13th is in my living single live with my mom and have a model girlfriend contained by australia what paniac attack somebody shed some lite!
It sounds like you have some very serious anxiety. Your heart sounds fine but you are worrying so much in the region of a heart condition that you don't have and can't be convinced buy all the tests that it's not your heart. Stop worrying and natter to your Dr about something for anxiety.This anxiety can lead to panic attacks, that's why you want to stay at home. Make an appointment next to your Dr or a Psychiatrist to get something for anxiety and you should be better in no time. It is NOT your heart. Source(s): *work in medical area 20+years

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