"I'm newly getting over a virus and my hand are immediately unsubstantiated. Help."?

I am getting over a virus and my whole body has been sore the later couple of days. I finally feel really good today and my temp is all but gone. no more headache, etc. but I'm still a bit sore, although improving.

I had a lot of stomach-ache in the muscles in my formarms and legs yesterday, and that's better too. To test them ending night, I thought it was a good thought to put some good resistence against them to test my stregnth (opps). then then last night and this morning, my hands are undersized. I can barely pinch myself.

Is this part of the healing process or did I do that to myself? Or could it be something else? It's a touch scary.

You should consult with your doctor / family form care centre. According to the prescription of a doctor, you should take adjectives the medication regularly and it will be OK.

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