What's the difference - moles and freckles?

What's the difference between a normal mole/freckle and a mole/freckle that's a cancer spot?
Moles are raised up out of the skin so you can actually touch them, freckles you can just see. You didn't ask that, but I wanted to clarify.

There are many signs that a mole/freckle may be cancerous. First of adjectives, study your body. Know where your freckles/moles are-- not like a map, just own an idea of where you have them and where on earth you don't. This way you can be more aware when new ones show up.

Also, being aware of your freckles/moles will give support to you detect if they become cancerous. You are looking for changes in color and shape. Freckles/moles tend to be brown in color, and some are even red-- but if you find that one have suddenly changed color, then you should get it checked out. Cancerous moles may appear purple or reddish within color (if they were not red before). Also, cancerous moles/freckles will have an irregular shape. Freckles/moles are generally around, and sometimes when they develop (freckles contained by particular) they may be a little funky shaped. However, if you spot a mole that is growing larger in size, or starts to look more similar to the state of California then you might be concerned. Look for symmettry as well; they should be relatively equal in size and shape on both sides of the mole.

If you are concerned roughly speaking any of the moles/freckles on your body, mention them to the next doctor you see. If you go in for something resembling a cold, the doctor may even be able to advise you on the seriousness of your spots. If you won't be seeing a doctor for a while or have a gut attitude that something truly is wrong then you should see a dermatologist ASAP.

I hope you are cancer-free!

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