About how many children born own diabetes?
(like for an example: 1 in every 100 children)

I'm just curious =)

gratitude xoxo

Answer:    Good morning. Unfortunately I am not sure which type of diabetes you are referring to, so I will answer this questions with both types.

Type 1 diabetes (formally particular as juvenile diabetes) is an auto-immune disease in which the pancreas no longer makes insulin. Although it is possible to be born near diabetes, it usually presents itself when the child is older. There have be children as young as 6 months diagnosed with type 1...and within have been able-bodied active adults in their 30s that own been diagnosed. It is estimated that 125,000 American children (age 19 and under) have type 1 diabetes. An spare 13,000 children are diagnosed each year with the disease. Since in attendance are about 4,000,000 babies born each year within the US, I suppose you could say the number is 1 in 308 children are diagnosed. Again, not BORN beside it but just diagnosed (at some age in their childhood) near type 1.

No one is born with type 2 diabetes. This form of diabetes is the more common form of diabetes. This is not an auto-immune disease. This type is usually prevelant contained by older adults, and overweight, unhealthy children and adults. Unfortunately this type is more adjectives as adults and children have increasingly unhealthy lifestyles. In yesteryear, type 2 diabetes did not exist in children. Type 2 is where the pancreas still make insulin, but the insulin is not as effective as it needs to be to hang on to up with the body's demands to control bloodsugar. It is estimated that 16,000,000 Americans have type 2 diabetes, and within are millions more who are undiagnosed..
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