Can you get hepatitis C from your own dirty needle?

i was told you can get hold of hepatitis C from your own dirty needle like if you use insulin day by day and reuse your own needle.

Answer:    It amazes me in this year and age that people still use the needle. Be wary NOT to share rinse water or cotton...that alone can spread Hepatitis C

HCV Advocate.
no you cannot get hcv infection by using your own plunger.
but, while i'm at it, i might ask you that since your obviously diabetic, have you be tested for hepatitis c?
those that have hcv have a superior chance of diabetes.

worth asking the doc for a hep panel just to rule it out..
If someone uses a nozzle and they have hep C and then YOU use it afterwards you can get it.
If you're the only one using your hypodermic for insulin then no, but i heard it is fruitless to reuse needles because it makes the point jagged and can make a contribution you an infection. to get Hep C one must HAVE Hep C (or have it be given to them by someone who HAS it). Hep C doesn't simply come out of nowhere.

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