how many chemicals are within it?

what are the consquences for smoking??

why is it addictive

Answer:    the consequences are possably getting a termanal diesese, such as emphazema, lung cancer, astma, high blood pressure, heart diesese, angina, or possably bladder cancer according to a DCQnA.com to another questian i read earlier.

low birth mass in newborns, premature ageing, low blood circulation, and this is a short time ago a few.

it makes your hair, cloathing, home , and breath smell discouraging. and costs alot to support the habit.

addiction is extremly hard to overcome and have been compared to addition to heroin surrounded by terms of difficulty in kicking the mannerism....(2 percent success rate)

there are over 30 cancer cause chemicles in ciggerettes. (sorry, i dont know them by name). Tar, and nicotine are both agents found in ciggerettes as capably as carbon.

nicotine is the narcotic that causes addiction..
cosquences of smoking are you could get lung cancer, you smell close to smoke, you look older than you really are, you age more and it's very sick.
It's addictive because it had nicatine (sorry about the spellling) within it.
Smoking is highly addictive and very weak!.
the nicotine makes it addictive.
the consquences:
bad breath
wan teeth
differnt kinds of cancer
lung disease

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