Acne treatment for teens?

My daughter wants to get some of the acne fighting treatments she's see on TV. Only I don't know what works and what doesn't. My family has always have acne problems, even me still every know when, but that's her problem too, just related to her period then her obverse is alright. I've seen worse, a lot worse, but she's pretty self conscience about it. I'm going out today and I'd close to to know what works, so I don't waste my money (even though I already feel like I am)
Answers:    Anything i.e. benzoyl-peroxide based will work pretty well (this is Proactiv's main ingredient). But it have to be used correctly. If she just uses it as a "spot treatment" it won't work that well. Benzoyl prevents acne from forming in the first place, so you want to use it consistently over the entire nouns that she breaks out.

I own and run an acne clinic and we use benzoyl on at least 95% of our clients (with other serums as well). We start them using it very slowly like 15 minutes a dark for 3 nights and gradually work up to wearing it overnight.

If you want more help beside this shoot me an emal at info(a) I'd love to help you both.

Also, check out the FREE info on the website below. Source(s):

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I would suggest ProActiv though it's pretty expensive,a round 45$ for the 3-step program, I have really bad acne so this is the solely thing that works for me, I've heard that Spectro Gel also works and used it when I was in the region of 10 until I was 12 though buy a moisturizing lotion with that cram as it can cause skin dryness.

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You don't want to get the big products, unless you want to pay more money. Neutragena and pro activ are the leading brands. Just achieve facial cleaners, theres a lot of them. Get one that doesn't dry out the skin.

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biore or for allot of people(may not be her) proactiv solution

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