A small lump at the front of my chin underneath?

ts directly under the front of my chin, i can move it around, it isnt painfull and im not sure how long its been there. Feels approaching a sist but im not sure been looking around at questions and it seems similar to most are a gland but they are towars the throat area, any ideas?
Answers:    Speaking from experience I would go and see a doctor. Chances are it is benign but it is high-status to have a professional look at it. They will probably observe it for any changes over time, as tumors tend to grow. Keep an eye on it yourself and if you interest any chages at all ie. shape, size, and color... be sure to let your physician know!
Good luck! Source(s): Diagnosed with Oral Cancer ultimate year, no past history of drug, tobacco, or alcohol use.

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It really does sound more like a small sebaceous cyst. If this is troublesome, it can be removed extremely easily.

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