A sign of testicular cancer?

a bump above left testicle
Answers:    NOT testicular, by its location. Sounds more like an inflamed epididymis or a cyst of the appendix epidid. or appendix testis.(both are benign and pretty common) A scrotal ultrasound will pinpoint it. Don't worry.

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Signs and Symptoms of Testicular cancer
# A painless lump or swelling around one or both testicles is the most common symptom.

Other symptoms include:
# A dull ache surrounded by the groin or lower abdomen

# Pain or discomfort in the testicle or scrotum that may be constant or sporadic

# A feeling of burden or pulling sensation in the scrotum

# Sudden enlargement of the testicle due to fluid (a hydrocele)

# Tenderness or enlargement of tissue surrounded by the breast area.

Most lumps in the scrotum are not testicular cancer but if you find a lump or swelling or detect any differences in your testicles when you do a self nouns you must go see your doctor.

Testicular cancers respond very economically to treatment

Tests will be carried out by your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

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