A cross-question just about Chlamydia?

I recently found out on an annual check up that i have Chlamydia i have already taken the tablets for it and so has my partner.We have been told not to own sex for about 2 weeks and the two weeks after that to wear protection.

The thing is that we have have sex everyday since we have been together and 2-4 weeks without it will be complicated for us.So ive been wondering is it ok to have oral sex with your partner while man treated for chlamydia?I wanted to make sure if it is or not before i attempted anything.If anyone know the answer its greatly appriciated =)
Answers:    NO DEAR GOD NO!! its transmitted through the semen no matter where it enter the body, unless he wears a condom you will both get hold of chlamydia again. but honstely is it worth the risk? the condom could tear. or have a tiny hole u may miss.

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