A cold soa is concidered herpes right? So if you dont have an outbreak and perform oral sex can u pass it on?

You are only contagious when you feel a tingly sensation (telling you a cold sore is coming) and when you HAVE a cold sore - so relax!
But yes - you can endow with it someone if you give them oral sex while you have a cold sore.
Yes, well.

It isn't rare, it happens like mad. It happened to me, and it happened to my sister when our partner were 'between' cold sores, and had NO tingling or other stipulation signs. You do NOT need warning signs to infect your partner, Tori! I caught genital herpes through oral sex when my partner hadn't have a cold sore for six months. He didn't get one for months afterward, he had no tingle and no alarm signs whatsoever. My sister's husband hadn't had a cold sore in 20 years when he infected her.

Just as near genital hsv-2, herpes of the mouth can be spread between outbreaks.

What they don't tell you is that oral hsv-1 is actually slightly more infectious than genital hsv-2 - it is the most infectious form of herpes. It is infectious on average more or less 18% of the time, including about 10% of the time when you do NOT have a sore.

Researchers found that how infectious different race are between outbreaks varies a lot - from 1-75% of the time. Those who own less outbreaks do tend to be a bit less infectious, but even they can spread it minus symptoms.

Infectious periods in between cold sores tend to ultimate about 5 days - a bit like have a cold sore just with no symptoms. It is prearranged as 'asymptomatic shedding' of the virus.

The reason people can present oral sex to their partners when they have a cold sore and their partner not fence in genital herpes, as a previous answer stated, is because 80% of people already have the oral herpes virus hsv-1. Quite simply, if they hold it on the mouth, they are extremely unlikely to catch the same virus again on the genitals - so the risk is markedly low if your partner also gets cold sores and with 80% of population.

But if it gives you an idea of the risk you thieve if you are one of the uninfected 20%, neither I nor my sister had oral hsv-1 - cold sores - and we both caught genital hsv-1 by our mid twenties from partners that did hold oral hsv-1. Half of all genital herpes infections are caused by the oral herpes virus - a majority are caught through oral sex..
yes thats true cold sores and oral herpes are equal thing. it happened to me thankfulness to my bf who didn't know he has herpes, so it is possible. they are more contagious when there is one so linger until it goes away and then a few more days. but near is a 2% chance that u can pass it on minus an outbreak. Well, you have to be very greatly sure you're not about to have an outbreak.

Herpes can be passed from a person's chops to another person's genitals.

If in doubt use dental dam... It's not sexy, but it's sexier than herpes....
It is herpes, yes. There is a hugely, very rare unsystematic that you can pass it on when you're not having an outbreak, so yes, you can leave behind it on, but it is very unlikely. your body begins shedding the herpes virus for a week beforehand any lesions appear, like a cold sore. So yes, you can miss it along even when you don't have an outbreak..
this is really gross.. but i was giving oral and i have a cold soar outbreak.. he never got anything and we had sex after that and i still dont hold anything. chances are slim to none. It may still be possible to spread herpes even if you dont have an outbreak. You should cinsult a Dr. to see if you can achieve some kind of medication.... Good luck!.
I think a cold sore is with the sole purpose passed on as herpes if you actually have a cold sore at the time. If you dont enjoy a sore, you are unlikely to pass it on.
only if u enjoy the sore on.

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