A Chart to prove that mobile phones cause tumors?

Answer:    The dangers form radio frequency transmissions are well set and very real. As time go on more and more studies will reflect, just how chancy these devices can be if not handled and used beside some respect.
The thing to remember is that mobile phones have with the sole purpose started being used extensively in the concluding 8 or so years. It will take time for any definitive effects to become apparent. (typically 10 - 20 years), so anyone who says that they are not harmfull is doing so without any material knowledge or understanding!
The simple reality is that everyone should be aware that the longer you use the phone the greater the adverse affects are likely to be. There is no doubt whatsoever, and it is all right documented that high levels of RF are DANGEROUS! Cell phones transmit at much lower force levels, but their consistant and prolonged use may well own a cumalitive effect.

Following is a very good and comprehensive association to some detailed neurological studies that have been conducted as to the effects of mobile phones.

You want charts? Well this study will provide that plus more!.
There are studies that own been conducted that stretch back roughly 20 years. There is no conclusive evidence that a mobile phone causes cancer. A Danish study followed 400,000 people over this time interval and found no increased risk of brain tumors.

Research continues but so far there is little evidence to support any type of widespread risk to using a mobile phone (wouldn't we be seeing an epidemic of relatives with such tumors by now?)

All these studies are published and available at the National Library of pills at PubMed:

There is currently no solid evidence supporting the notion that mobile phones cause cancerous tumours. There isnt one hence why the govt hasnt banned them even so

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