A kind of fluid formed (like boils, smaller than mustard size) on fingertips (on palm). Is it an allergy ?

A kind of fluid anyone formed (like boils, smaller than the size of mustard) intially on fingertips/fingerends (on the palm side). I am suffering from this disease since more than a decade. None of the doctors have ever confirmed the name of disease. I hold gone through variety of allergy tests, pathological interview etc. and they all have confirmed that this is not Psoriasis but some what from that house disease. I feel quickly vulenerable when I use / seize in touch with detergents, faultless vegetables/fruits like Brinjal, tomato, onion, garlic, lemon (all citrus fruits), while I keep my hand wet more time, Fish (esp Prawns), Pickles etc. Protracted treatment in Allopathic/Ayurvedic & Homeopathic Medicines proved no devout. But an external Ointment (Mfd. in India) named Diplene*AF cream (with composition of clobetasol Propionate USP and chlorocresol IP (as preservative) is a accurate relief for immediate nouns. Today,this has started to my wife (Married 2002). Pl. help us to spar this

Answer:    Allergies are not contagious and therefore cannot be transmitted to another individual. If it is the same entry that your wife has now after it is some sort of communicable disease/infection. You need to go vertebrae to the doctor and request a culture to be preformed. This would help to determine what it is. This really needs to be properly diagnosed so that it will not verbs to infect others.

One other thing is that you and your wife could be coming in contact beside some sort of caustic substance but you need to rule out infection first.

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