A bump on my nose?

Few days ago, my nose hurt merely a little bit when i touched it.

and right now, it turned into a huge bump.
And its class of red...

How do I make it shrink?
I want it to look back to commonplace as soon as possible.
Please help.

What can I do to make it run away?
Can I just shrink it by soaking a towel with hot hose then place it on my nose?

Tell me how...

Answer:    If it's a local infection..sort of sounds resembling a 'zit gone bad'..which is caused by a bacteria..body usually can button local infections, takes time..to treat this bump..use moist warm warmth 3-4 times daily or more frequent if you can..it should come to a head surrounded by a day or so..continue next to the warm moist heat..and the zit will drain on it's own concord..do not interfere with the natural course..But the best medication for a zit..will cure it surrounded by 24 hours..is a prescription ointment called Bactroban..it is not la bled (approved) for zit psychiatric help..but it works...
is it a pimple? if so you can just pop it

but if it's something else, maybe at hand is something in your nose approaching a little sliver or something?

can you ask a friend to look at it? or your family?.
it desires to be dry for sure. put something on it to make it dry out... alcohol it will dry out your skin and help if it is an infection

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