A 6 year old with Sleep paralysis?

My daughter woke up this morning very upset. She said she woke up but could not move or start her eyes. I was wondering if this seems close to Sleep paralysis, or maybe something else? Does anyone have any tips or warning for me? Thank you.

Answer:    That actually happens to me seriously, and it is very frustrating. When you enter REM you're dreaming, and your body is paralyzed. She probably woke up in the middle of a dream and afterwards couldn't move for a few seconds. But that is adjectives and it actually happens to me commonly, and it did happen to me as a child as well. No worries! She'll be fine..
Sounds resembling it.... Also comes with the feeling someone is contained by the room with you. It's very disturbing. Cant detail you the age when it started happening to me, but it is back as far as i can remember. Prolly between 6-10 yrs infirm

****don’t know if anything has advanced since I was a kid but docs unsophisticatedly said no. It’s just waking up while surrounded by a REM or dream state, the body releases a chemical that paralyses the muscles to keep your body from acting out your dreams. If you wake up during this, you cannot move for a few second. Its only seconds but it feel like minutes. Your brain is still in a hyper involved but hazy dream state that’s why there is the foreboding of someone in the room or holding you down. The brain is trying to come up with a explanation why the body isn’t moving.

I just layed off the nap during the day and tried to cut out late hours of darkness snacks and got more exercise. It seemed to serve and I only get it a few times a year in a minute instead of a few times a month. Even though I know there is a completely rational explanation for it, it still creeps the hell out of me during an “episode”, I guess you would beckon it.

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