A 27 year old female with EXCESSIVE tiredness. Why?

I have be to the doctor, had multiple blood tests run. I've be tested for lymphoma (complete removal of a swollen lymph node-it was benign). I used to be much more vibrant. I have a 2 year outdated but that's not the reason I'm JUST SOOOO tired. I take vitamins, I haven't started working out even so, but I will.

I just went to the doctor yesterday and he think I'm depressed and anxious. He started me on Cymbalta, I took it for the first time today. I always have this thought of being "unwell", not sick, but just mild ache and pains, almost unexplainable aches and pains. I've thought about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Lupus. Or is this merely from depression? Or something more serious? I've had multiple imaging tests for illogical things, all came put money on normal. What do they doctors do when you are so very tired? What can I do? I abhorrence being so young and mortal so tired.

Answer:    If it's fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, the tests usually come back everyday, and that can be so frustrating! I know this from having had FMS since 1982 (I be 30 when it started) and CFIDS since 1987. See my site at http://www.fms-help.com for a symptom checklist and for tips and ways to cope. Do you sleep okay at night? Sleep and depression are related. Your fatigue could also be hormonal. Also, having a 2 year matured is exhausting work! There's a list of things I use to stay functional and keep up my activeness and stamina at http://www.fms-help.com/what.htm - some may not apply to you, but you may find some good ideas too. I will you all the best!.
"It's never Lupus."

Did you have nausea previously the Cymbalta? Frequent urination?
It's possible (but I'm sure the good doc checked the blood) you may be diabetic.

And yes, all of this are possible symptoms of depression..
I can discern wat u r going through. It must b so difficult 4 u to cope with this condition. It could b Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Depression but they should also screen u for Diabetes & Tuberculosis if they hav not done so nonetheless. Get well soon. My prayers r with u. it could be depression or merely stress and worry about your common health and well anyone i find physical fitness great for energy boost drink more water can also relief good luck!

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