8 month old weight loss + red rash after bottle.?

Hello, my son is now 8 1/2 months and his bulk dropped from 6 lbs 4 oz to 5 lbs 9 oz. It has been completely difficult to feed him solid fool or bottle, little bit better now something like 18 oz of formula but now he breaks in hives after respectively bottle. I am mess right now, should I switch to a soy formula w/ the risk that he wont like the strange milk or keep the current one and give him benadryl. PS: he have also been teething, has an ear infection...can it step worse, really!! Pls help me, I go to the pediatrician (cannot numeral out what's happening), allergist (says no allergy to milk) and we are waiting for an apt w/ a GI specialist. Any related event you may share w/ me or advice. Thk u.

Answer:    This sounds terrible, I will be praying for you and your child. I really hold no advice, but just for you to disagree for answers for your baby. Do not give up. See specialists at a Pediatric Hospital contained by your state right away, don't wait, we live in Indiana so our choices would be Riley or St. Vincent's. I would even say-so tell your doctor you want to go to a pediatric ER at this point-immediately, resembling tonight. Best wishes. Keep us updated. ** To add: I am so glad that was a typo on the substance!! Now it is not quite as serious as I thought (can you imagine an 8 month old-fashioned at 5 lbs??!!) , although still distressing. Good luck again, demand to see a specialist and get a spanking new pediatrician if he is not taking your concerns seriously. Sorry I can't give you more advice. You may want to also post this quiz in the parenting section, abundant more people follow that group you will get seriously more answers that way. (But be warned some culture are really nasty in that group-like super pro-breastfeeding, I breastfed adjectives my children for 9-12 months but I understand it is not for everyone and don't preach it, some others in parenting are super plan about it)..
Are you putting anything into the bottle, or just straight formula? If you are putting any rice cereal, oatmeal, grits, any characteristics of jar food or juice, etc into the bottle, that could be what he is allergic to.

Was he a premie? For him to be only 6 lbs at 8 1/2 months is pretty small, in reality REALLY small (or is it just a typo and should be 16 and 15 lbs)?
Also something weird to believe about...Have you changed bottles recently? Have you changed dish detergents or sponges/bottle brushes just this minute?
What exactly does the rash look like,and how much of his body does it cover, how soon does it appear after the setting up of his feeding, and how quickly does it disappear?

Also, is he showing any other symptoms, as far as vomiting, restlessness, or change is bowel movement?

I know I asked more questions than I answered. Sorry.

As far as the swapping of the formula, if you want him to resembling it and get used to it, just make the addition of a little to the formula he's on now so he still taste more of his, then gradually increase the unknown formula and decrease the old, and soon he'll be content next to the new formula. That's basically impossible to tell apart way I had to receive my child onto formula from exclusively breastmilk.

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