6 weeks pregnant, throwing up mucus with blood?

I am 6 weeks pregnant and for 3 days have be throwing up mucus with bright red blood once each morning. I dont get the impression any other discomfort or pain....does this mean anything?

Answer:    progress to doctor immediately. DON'T ask DCQnA.com. WOW.
ANYTIME you are throwing up blood you should seek medical attention ASAP! When you are throwing up bright red blood near no professional medical diagnosis informing you it's OK, your own life risk may be at risk, not just the pregnancy. Seek medical attention right away. Call the Dr.Only he/she can supply you the advice you need right very soon, whether it is some treatment/rest or whatever.
Keep your baby risk-free...I have wanted a child for a long time and couldn't be in command of to get pregnant, so enjoy the time and be past the worst!
Best Wishes,
there is no mucus in your stomach. when you throw up your muscles are squeezing your lungs. if here is bright red blood showing in the mucus you must go to the doctor instantly. this symptom is not only abnormal it's insecure. You may have something in your lungs. Probably stipulation to check with the doc..
umm go to the doctors perchance?

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