6% salicylic acid in 10% urea for Keratosis Pilaris?

I just go down to the pharmacy and ordered this mix. I wasn't sure about the percentage of urea though, but I knew that 6% salicylic sour was basically optimal and as dignified as you'd want to go. I'd thought that the urea would take up the other 94% and didn't know it be a sand-like compounds to be included in the mix of cream. Anyway, I decided to step with 10% while I was down nearby along with the advice of the pharmacist, but she didn't really know what it be for. So is 10% urea optimal?

Answer:    6% salicylic acid is a good treatment height for keratosis pilaris -- it is the percentage used in Keralyt gel. 10% urea is also a good percentage for KP. Carmol 10, a commonly-recommended cream for KP, contains this exact amount of urea (without the salicylic acid).

You will want to take care using both of these together, as you experience significant redness, peeling, and sensitivity if you own not used this before. Depending on how much you have to pay for this compounded medication, you may want to look into buying Keralyt or Carmol 10 online..
Urea in 10% stage have keratolitic effect and used in treatment of keratosis pilaris

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