62 year old stated she had trouble talking-couldn't coordinate to make words come out. What is this a sign of?

I know a 62 year old who stated she have a problem talking yesterday and couldn't make her mouth move properly to carry the words out. From talking to her, she indicated it happend a couple of times within a short time of year and it has not happened since. She stated she is 'fine' immediately so she would not go get checked out by a doc. I tried to acquire her to go to the Urgent Care but she insisted she is fine. I explained that is not everyday and needs to go but again she would not. What could this be a sign of and how can I cheer up her to get it checked out asap? The scary point is she likened it to possibly 'mini strokes' and still wouldn't go capture checked out. She has no history of mini strokes but she does have a history of breast cancer and have been cancer free and off treatment since Nov 2006.

Answer:    please convince her to see a dr. asap! i am a retired nurse.the slurred speech is the most accurate predictor /symptom that a creature is experiencing mini-strokes,also called "t.i.a"-transient ischemic attacks.typically,they are warning signs of a larger,rather possibly fatal,stroke soon to come!please,please,have someone address sense into her!with dr's care,she can avoid permanant disability from a massive stroke,or prevent departure!if she does nothing,she could wind up surrounded by a nursing home or a grave!not trying to panic you,but she must be convinced to treat this with categorical seriousness!i dont understand why having t.i.a's is something she would cut!.
Sounds like a stroke to me. Ask her to roll her tongue as apparently, if you are unable to do this, it could be a sign of stroke. It is high-status she gets to hospital.

See the link below:

yes it could be some variety of stroke, it sounds kind of like expressive aphasia but any way it's a symptom of a neurological problem and she should be seen by a doctor soon. trouble discussion is a sign of a stroke. other signs are blurred vision and trouble walking..
She exhibits signs of a stroke. She should be checked out, or at least phone her doctor and ask his inference.

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