Does an angiogram hurt?

What does it feel similar to? My dad had one the other morning and he was awake the entire time. The doctors solitary gave him benadryl and valumns that I know of. But he be awake the entire time, and he even had a stent put within.
Dana, I have have several and no, they do not hurt because they give you an IV of Morphine which make you feel a bit good as a issue of fact! You can monitor the catheter moving up through your arteries and into your heart on the monitor....actually pretty cool!
The individual small pain is the hypodermic prick to the femoral artery when they give you the big agreement, the worse part is have to lie still on your hindmost with a ten pound sand case on the insertion spot in the groin nouns for 6 to 8 hours!!
Hope your dad is feeling better and everything turned out okay!
Semper fi
According to my husband who have the same point done...they are sore in the thigh nouns because of incision...they have to pinch it easy for a while (several days) next work into light routine...The stent is to maintain the artery open...Doctor will offer instructions.
its done under sedation although some are doing it also next to anaesthesia. depends on the patient and the doctor. mostly lenient are conscious but pain free. after the procedure they will be aware of uncomfortable and requirement to be rested.
nah not at all.
most of the time they newly use the light sedation you described because it is meaningful for the patient to be capable of tell the doctor if they are have any chest pains,breathing problems during the procedure...they numb the area the catheter is inserted...from what patients hold said to me the only discomfort they touch is when the dye is injected it can have a sensation of temperature and i would think the aftercare spasm part have to do with the nurse have to press very firm on the injection site to control and bleeding

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