53 year old male, thyroid question?

Just had my blood work at the condition expo. it was 1.81 . I am now on 150 mcg synthroid. however lately I own been feeling amazingly tired , not concentrating , etc. just like it be before when my tsh was glorious. Should I ask my doctor to increase my synthroid and retest in two months or is my tsh to low. thanks

Answer:    I am a hypothyroid also. You specifically need to retest. If you like, you can respond to me beside your email and I can keep you posted. I am going to a new doctor who specializes within thyroid issues and she's trying a new nathural drug called armour thyroid (you can look it up online..www.armourthyroid.com) . I will be trying it subsequent week. I've been on synthroid for years and continually have issues
Definitely retest and find a dr who specializes within Endocrinology.

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